Managing Director

Bonnie really does lie over the ocean, much to her Mother’s dismay! Born and raised in London, but currently residing in Los Angeles, she graduated from USC with a BA in Film/TV Production and further went on to complete her Masters in Business from Pepperdine University. Her eight years of working at Benztown Branding, an international audio production company, where she handles finances as well as daily interactions with clients and voiceover talent, paved her way into Excellent Talent. Since taking over the Agency in October 2020, from founders Jon and Pete, Bonnie has thoroughly enjoyed working with her two “Super Agents”, Natalie and Yashi. And while Bonnie is not an agent herself, she does oversee the daily operations of the Company and likes to think of the three of them as Super Ladies, taking on the world of voiceover, one Excellent day at a time.