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1.How do I get in contact for representation?

You can drop us an email to with details of your experience and attached Voice Reels.

Please note that you will need to include your voice reels to your email or we won’t be able to consider you for representation.

Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of submissions we receive, we cannot personally respond to every applicant. All submissions are given thorough consideration and we will contact you if we wish to arrange a meeting.

2.If I am successful what happens next?

Once we have reviewed your application we will be in contact to move you to stage 2 of our process.

During this stage we will send you a number of scripts for you to audition, once reviewed you will move onto stage 3 if successful.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to get back to you.

3.What happens at stage 3?

A Massive congratulations and welcome to the team!

You will be invited to speak with both our Agents in a more indepth capacity to find out what else there is to know about you and your experience.

We will also offer feedback on your stage 2 audition process.

4.Do I need to have a home studio?

No, we do not, nor have we ever required our Artists to have a home studio, however this has been something a number of our artists have acquired over the years which has certainly helped, especially during these tough times.

5.Are home studio’s vetted?

Yes, all of our home studios have been vetted by a professional engineer and we will not add that to your page if you do not reach our minimum standard.

6.Do you represent Children?

Yes we do represent children. We do require all child VO’s to have a valid license to work.

7.How long does it take to get my first job after gaining representation?

It is important for you to understand the voice over industry and thus the trends which are in a constant state of flux. We would not be able to tell you how long it would take for you to secure a job, as this is determined by what the client wants and is looking for.

8.Do I need to have social media or personal websites?

Marketing yourself via social media or personal websites is a huge plus, although as Agents we do all we can to find and secure your work, you also need to be doing your part by marketing yourself and searching for opportunities, updating voice reels and being an active member of the voice over community is extremely important.