Sirena moved over from her native Washington D.C to the UK, having graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies, which provided her with a career as a full-time activist. As a singer-songwriter, her voice has always been important to her and it was eventually through radio that she got started on her VO work, once settled in London.

The most exciting thing about the VO world for Sirena is the opportunity it gives her to shed light on some of the issues that have always concerned her. She recently recorded the amazing autobiography of Assata Shakur (a prolific activist) with Audible, and thoroughly enjoyed, and was moved by, the whole experience!

As well as narration and audio book work, Sirena is often hired for e-Learning courses, and is doing more and more work with networks such as Al Jazeera and National Geographic. A very versatile voice!

Give Sirena’s reels a listen here, and prepare to be impressed: http://www.excellenttalent.com/voiceover/sirena-riley/